About Us

Rinas Lush is a premiere hair company specializing in top quality human hair extensions. Hair company owner, Sarina Jean has done her research to surpass expectations in the knowledge of hair. "I have worked hard to find you the best quality hair while still being able to charge an affordable price for it".

I started my hair company based on an idea I had in my head on giving women the opportunity to amplify their physical beauty and confidence.
There’s a certain feeling a women gets when she’s all dolled up with her melanin skin popping in the sunlight.

Rina’s Lush Hair Extensions is a black-owned hair company for ALL WOMEN who want a change In style. For ALL WOMEN who want to spend there hard earned money on quality. For ALL WOMEN who can pull off any look and most of all FOR ALL WOMEN! I am Sarina Jean CEO and Owner of RinasLush and I would like to provide ALL WOMEN with LUSH HAIR!!

✨“If it’s not Lush Hair, it’s not Luscious”