Lace Tint Spray

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Applying our lace tint spray is a quick and easy process. Bear in mind that you want to make tinting the final step before styling your wig and heading out the door. You want to make sure that you’ve already shampooed and conditioned your wig and have worked out all the knots.

How to use, (After Bleaching the knots):

  1. Shake the Lace Tint Spray well before use.
  2. Place the lace wig from inside out,  hold the lace tint spray 3-8 inches away and spray a few pumps until you reach the desired shade. The formula is buildable, the lace can get darker as you add several coats.
  3. Let it air dry completely (Air dry is recommended than blow-dry).
  4. Proceed to style.

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